NYC Dot Sidewalk Violation Removal & Repair Services

Looking for DOT Sidewalk removal services in NYC? Couldn’t find any reliable services provider near you in New York City? GEM DOT Sidewalk Violation NYC provides exceptional DOT violation removal services. Our certified contractors can repair or replace your damaged sidewalk. So you can be tension-free from the violation notices.

Getting a DOT violation is common in New York City. City sends a notice to the property owner whenever a sidewalk requires maintenance. This notice is a DOT violation. It means that the property owner must repair the damaged walkway. If he fails to repair it, City will repair itself and send the bill to the property owner. Therefore, you must have to repair it in one way or another.

Repairing the sidewalk by reliable contractors will save you time and budget. Furthermore, you can install the material of your choice. To get extraordinary services, you can contact our experts. We will help you restore your damaged sidewalk and help you get the removal of the sidewalk lien. Furthermore, you can contact us to get the cost estimations and guidelines.

Sidewalk Violation Repair

NYC Dot Sidewalk Violation Removal

Many contractors are available, and they claim to be the most reliable. All of them are not DOT certified, or they don’t have DOT sidewalk repair permits. Therefore, getting your walkways repaired by such contractors will not remove the violation. GEM DOT Sidewalk Violation NYC will help you in this regard. We will help you by getting guidelines for removing the DOT sidewalks. Our contractors can handle the restoration and installation work of any complexity. Once you hire our services, we will take care of the rest for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whenever you receive a DOT for a damaged sidewalk, you have 90 days to repair it and remove the notice. In case you fail to repair the sidewalk. A Monetary lien will be placed against your property for not acting. The city will then repair it and send you a bill to your address. After that, you must go to the council to remove the sidewalk lien.

    To get a copy paper of the DOT violation, call 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) or 311. The City will provide the details if you have any pending notifications.