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Are you looking for the dot sidewalk violations removal company in New York? Need help finding a reliable sidewalk repair services provider near you? GEM Dot Sidewalk Repairs NYC provides the most reliable repair & ventilation removal services. Our certified professionals can repair the damaged sidewalks and help you get removal of violations. Contact us now for cost estimations and to get your work done on time and within budget.

NYC Dot Sidewalk Repair Company

GEM Dot Sidewalk Repairs NYC is the leading NYC dot sidewalk repair company. We have been providing sidewalk repair services to our clients for a decade. Our experts can help you repair and remove the violation as well. After repairing, we will provide you with the DOT permits. Therefore, you will be tension-free from getting a fine for the damaged sidewalk. Contact our customer support team for more details.

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NYC Dot Sidewalk Violation Removal

NYC DOT sidewalk violation removal company? We are the most professional repairing and DOT permit providers in New York. Our contractors focus on the major and minor details while repairing the concrete sidewalk. If you received a DOT violation, contact our experts we will handle the rest for you. Furthermore, our experts will also take care of your NYC dot sidewalk violations. Therefore, contact us now for NYC sidewalk repair cost estimations and guidelines.

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GEM DOT Sidewalk Repairs NYC

We are the leading sidewalk and doorway repair company in New York. Our experts help residents and shop owners with DOT violation removal. Therefore, you can rely on our reliable services.

  • Install, Replace, and Repair damaged Sidewalk
  • Build, Replace, and Repair damaged Doorways
  • Removal of Sidewalk Liens and Providing DOT Permits
  • Flexible work schedule
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“ I would like to thank your crew for their excellent job! I couldn’t have asked for a better service than this.”

Julia Green,

Julia Green,

DOT Sidewalk Repair in NYC

“ The contractors we had were wonderful! They were extremely hard-working, helpful, professional, and polite.”

Dan Hoffman,

Dan Hoffman,

NYC DOT Sidewalk Removal

“ I would like to say that the company was great to deal with. These men help me out with DOT violation removal. I am satisfied with the service.”

Samantha Nicholson,

Samantha Nicholson,

DOT Removal in NYC
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does fixing a sidewalk with a dot in NYC cost to fix?

Fixing the sidewalk with a DOT violation is compulsory. It can cost you around $70-$80. For exact cost estimations, contact GEM DOT Sidewalk Repairs NYC. Our customer support team will guide you about the NYC DOT violations. Furthermore, we will provide you with repair services in New York City.

What is a sidewalk lien in NYC?

Whenever an inspector finds the sidewalk damaged and not safe for the public. A violation notice will be generated for the owner. This violation notice is known as a Sidewalk lien in NYC. For the removal of the notice, you need a DOT permit. If you are in such a situation, contact our experts to repair the damage and get a DOT permit.

Who is responsible for sidewalk repair in NYC (New York City)?

As per Section 19-152 of New York City’s Administrative Code, property owners having adjacent sidewalks are responsible for repairing sidewalks. Furthermore, they are responsible for removing debris, ice, and snow. Therefore, whenever the sidewalk needs to be repaired, the property owner must repair it. To get your adjacent sidewalk repaired, contact our experts now.

How do I report a broken sidewalk in NYC?

If you want to report a damaged sidewalk in NYC, call 311. You can also contact 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) to request a paper copy. Furthermore, contact us to repair the damaged sidewalk in New York City.

How do I get rid of a sidewalk violation in NY?

There is no other way except to repair or fix the damaged sidewalk to eliminate DOT violations. Contact us to get your repair work done, and also we will provide you with the DOT permit. By receiving the permit, you will be tension free, and there will be no need for dot violation lookup.

How do I clear a sidewalk lien in NYC?

To clear the sidewalk lien, contact our NYC Sidewalk Repair Experts. We will take care of the damaged part. Furthermore, after the repair, we will provide you with a DOT permit to be tension-free. Therefore, contact our professionals now.